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Let us introduce ourselves: here you will see the faces of the people who dedicate themselves daily to ensuring that you receive the all-around best hospitality at the Seehotel Hermitage.
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Samuel Menti

Phone 041 375 81 81
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Colette Mariot Your contact person

Colette Kapser

Restaurant Manager
Phone 041 375 81 81
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Anja Krause Your contact person

Anja Krause

Head of seminars
Phone 041 375 81 63
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Anja Preiser
Your contact person

Anja Preiser

Marketing & Communication Manager
Phone 041 375 81 80
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Seline Wendel Ihre Ansprechsperson

Seline Wendel

Human Resources Manager
Telefon 041 375 81 60
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Anna Keiser Ihre Ansprechsperson

Anna Keiser

Rooms Division Manager
Telefon 041 375 81 81
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Andreas Stübi Your contact person

Andreas Stübi

Head of kitchen
Phone 041 375 81 64
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Sandra Peyer Your contact person

Sandra Peyer

Head of finances
Phone 041 375 81 62
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Beat Mangold Your contact person

Beat Mangold

Head of tech
Phone 041 375 81 69
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